Wonder Girls’ Sun Is In Love All Thanks To A Pastor?

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South Korea’s female idol group, Wonder Girls, recently set foot on many different countries lately.

During the interview with the local media yesterday, Wonder Girls expressed that they don’t mind having a boyfriend from a different nationality. Member, Yenny, laughed & said: “My parents did not restrict me in having a relationship with a boyfriend from a different nationality. Furthermore, my mom told me that it is time for her to pick up English, because if her son-in-law happens to be a foreigner, English might come in handy for them to communicate.”

Amongst the Wonder Girls members, Sun recently openly announced her long-distance relationship with a pastor. Sunye said: “Actually, we did not really have much time to meet up with each other, because of our trust in one another & a strong force that actually binds us together through prayers; this keeps our relationship going.”

Wonder Girls were scheduled to leave Taiwan today at 8.10am, taking KE5692 flight back to Korea.

{Source: UDN News}

{Translation: Wonderfuls World}

  • Angelkamille

    in love with a pastor….
     :) as long as the girls are all happy

  • Sara Cristine Nunes

    just want to see them happy