Preview: Wonder Girls on “Happy Camp” in Hunan, China


As reported earlier, Wonder Girls was in Changsha, Hunan from 7-8 August for the recording of “快乐大本营” (Happy Camp).

During this episode, Wonder Girls also took to chance to teach the hosts the “Nobody” dance. They also got to show their individual talents as Sunye danced to an English song, Lim danced to a retro 80s style, Sohee performed 《Single Ladies》, Yeeun performed to 《可惜不是你 Too bad it is not you》 by Liang JingRu, lastly Yubin performed to 《Boom Boom Pow》.

This episode will be broadcasted on 21st August (Saturday) on Hunan Tv.

Check out the preview below:


[Source: HunanTV] [Video Source: gino19882000f@YT]

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