Wonder Girls New Album Launch Event!

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Attention all WonderGirls fans!
It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for.. “WONDER GIRLS’ NEWEST ALBUM!”
We’d like to thank you for waiting so patiently!
To celebrate, we’ve decided to host a video contest for all of you that goes along with our album launching event!

What do I have to do?
First, you and at least two of your friends should tune into the Wonder Girls’ worldwide launching event for their new album on May 15th at 7PM PST / 10PM EST
The event will be broadcast live through UStream (http://www.ustream.tv/wondergirlsworld)
When the event is going on, record yourself being a part of the event using your digital camera, camcorder, phone camera – any way you want! Be creative! (Note: Entries must have at least 3 participants in the video to qualify for contest)
And then submit your team’s video to us!

Who can enter?
Anyone and everyone who loves the WONDER GIRLS, of course!

When can I enter?
We will start accepting submissions from May 15th, 2010 all the way to May 21st, 2010!

How do I send my video?
Send all video submissions to fan@jype.com with the subject title WG EVENT
(Note: Only submissions with WG EVENT as the title will be accepted. We will not look at anything else.)
Include in your email:
1. Name of Team Representative (choose one member of your team to be representative)
2. Team’s City and Country
3. Team Rep’s Contact Number
4. Team Rep’s Email address
5. Team Rep’s Mailing address
6. YOUR TEAM’S VIDEO SUBMISSION as an attachment

And if I win…?
FIRST PLACE (1 team) – 1 Wonder Girls NOBODY wardrobe set used in performances
SECOND PLACE (2 teams) – Wonder Girls signed CD + 10 Polaroids of the Wonder Girls with messages from the girls
THIRD PLACE (4 teams) – 4 Wonder Girls signed posters

Results will be announced 15 days after the contest submission period is over.
We will announced the winners on jype.com and wondergirlsworld.com.
Winning teams will be notified via the team representative’s email address – so make sure your contact info is correct!
We can’t wait to check your videos! See you at the live chat on May 15th! More details of the event to come.
Thank you so much!

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[Credit: 원★Day@SGWonderfuls.com]